The Internet is broken. We are its Internet repair men and women. Repair public discourses. Advance social movements. Create corporate advocates. And, defend elections. Our tools are machine learning, artificial intelligence, and digital content. These are the new tools of the trade for a healthy society.



Born at the front-lines. Fought Russian interference in Eastern European elections. Countered online propaganda and recruitment by ISIS. Protected U.S. elections from alt-right extremists. We now use these skills proactively for social good. Prevent suicide. Reduce hate-speech. Aid families of opioid misusers. Organize gun safety. Detect digital manipulation of elections. De-stigmatize mental health.




Scalable, replicable, sustainable, and measurable model of social impact:


Data Science

Map opportunities for intervention through advanced machine learning.


Identify the highest performing messages and counter messages.


Generate massive content variation.

Digital Distribution

Distribute content online when and where it matters most.


Measure outcomes through always-on feedback loop.


How We Work.


Act as strategic consultants and/or tactical implementers.
Build new enterprises, or, we improve upon your existing programs.
NGOs, companies, and governments.




Combine three state-of-the-art technologies:

  1. Data Pipeline that collects, enriches, and analyzes 100+ million social media transactions/day.

  2. High quality Content Creation & Curation producing variant content at lesser cost and greater speed and scale.

  3. Data Management Platform to distribute content across platforms.



We are data scientists, software engineers, creative directors, strategists, and media planners. The Social Good was founded by Curtis Hougland, best known for founding one of the first new media agencies in 1991 and one of the first social media agencies in 2004 -- both named Attention. Over a 25-year career he built and sold four companies specializing in digital innovation [Ruder-Finn, Euro RSCG, Viacom and MDC-Partners].


Create Good.

1,500,000 activists and creators dedicated to public service. In partnership with AspireIQ, The Social Good creates and distributes authentic content at scale and speed on a low-bono or pro-bono basis on behalf of causes. The creative class is a powerful voice in countering identity politics and advancing social justice for private and public sector organizations.  


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